Creating new insights with intelligent information

Make the move from reporting to answers

Dayhuff is working on the next generation of business intelligence, allowing our customers to gain a competitive advantage by capturing information from a broad range of sources and culminate that into relevant answers.  We are converting traditional business intelligence system into intelligent information and answers.   

Dayhuff has delivered solutions that combine traditional Business Intelligence with weather data to reduce risk for insurance companies and optimize distribution channels for restaurant chains.


IBM Watson

Dayhuff helps companies identify how to leverage the revolutionary capabilities in IBM Watson

Through the IBM Watson cognitive platform Dayhuff has enabled companies to create disruptive new business models, Leverage Watson Explorer to identify critical medical information for insurance policies, understand customer sentiment on product launches and identify trends in purchasing behavior.


Capture, manage and evangelize data

Delivering on the promise of ECM

Dayhuff Group is delivering the new Enterprise Content model, making information work for the enterprise.  Cloud based, Box enabled, Watson empowered, intelligently captured and highly secure ECM. We enable companies to efficiently capture information as it comes into the organization, manage the information through its lifecycle and drive new insights.