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ECM Upgrade

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Cost Reduction

Improved Access to Information

Improved Search Capabilities

Transform Legacy Content to meet company needs

Elimination of Outdated Information

ECM upgrades are time consuming and risky, but a necessary part of managing a system for the business. ECM solution owners must weigh and balance advancement in technologies and new capabilities with the impact to the customer. These sometimes are in conflict and they find the solution a couple of versions back dated.

"We wanted to focus on being the best insurance company, not being the best systems upgrader”
Leading Insurance Customer

Why learn how to do an upgrade if you will never have to do that same upgrade again. The Dayhuff Group performs several upgrades each year and are premier level IBM business partners with access to the right resources to get the job done right. We work with each customer to develop the right plan for upgrading and execute on that plan with the least impact to the business

IBM Annouces end of life for Document Manager as 9/30/2016! If you don't have a plan yet to

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