IBM Watson Kickstart

Accelerate the time to value for implementing Watson technologies!

IBM Watson Kickstart Offering

Companies from all industries are finding new insights from their existing data with IBM Watson. From customer sentiment analysis to product defect root cause, Watson is providing answers that were previously unattainable. Getting started on the cognitive journey with Watson requires experience.

The Dayhuff Group has developed a kick start offering to provide that initial level of experience to get the team started quickly. The Dayhuff Group consultants will work alongside the project team to provide guidance and education through the initial phase of the project.

This 5 day immersive package includes:

  • Strategy sessions to identify core business opportunities.
  • Validate data requirements
  • Examine the planned indexing and search uses.
  • Review the text analytics collection design.
  • Examine the planned content analytics mining.
  • Review and make recommendations on the security options.
  • Explore the use of 360 degree views.

Download the assessment outline.