AI and RPA in Insurance

Underwriting and claim management processes are painstakingly slow and entails hours of repetitive human labor. These hours of tedious human labor can drive costs upward lowering profit margins of a company and hindering growth.

RPA and Claim Management
Many companies are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) in order to complete these underwriting tasks reducing the human labor needed. RPA software is able to replace many labor hours with a robot that reduces risk, time and cost of the underwriting process. The combination of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation allows the system to look through the history of claims to create an determination of the reserve at hand. Not only is this process faster and less expensive but the system is also able to make an accurate calculation of the reserve.

Dayhuff Group Insurance Solutions
Dayhuff Group has created ReserveAI along with ROBIN - robotic insurance that contains the capabilities to do these two tasks. These two systems in unison frees up labor hours that employees can use on more intellectual tasks which in turn add more value to the company as well as keeping employees happy. With these two systems implemented, insurance companies can save more and increase profit margins all while creating a faster, more efficient system that is satisfactory for not only the company and its workers but customers as well because it creates a much smoother, quicker, and efficient system.

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