RPA with AI

Pairing Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) with AI

Robotic Process Automation has shaken up the business industry by automating basic tasks that involve structured data, but what is the next step? Adding AI into the equation along with RPA allows for a system to not only be able to automate individual parts of a business but large portions of it. The addition of artificial intelligence to the RPA software has allowed it to analyze the data that is presented by understanding context, content, and sentiment.

How do they work together?
Coupling RPA and artificial intelligence together creates cognitive automation. Artificial intelligence has the ability to be able to understand information such as emails or invoices. AI can then pass the information to RPA to update other systems. These two technologies are able to come together to create cognitive RPA.

What Value Comes out of Cognitive RPA?
Having the ability to combine both robotic process automation and artificial intelligence holds many benefits to a company. The labor costs to the company are significantly decreased because human labor hours are no longer spent performing repetitive data entry tasks. This frees up these labor hours for employees to accomplish tasks that require more complex thinking and create more value to the company. If you want to introduce RPA into your company or are looking to get more value out of your current RPA systems then artificial intelligence is an efficient and effective addition.

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