RPA is Increasing Business for Insurers

Robotics isn’t just for the automotive and manufacturing industries. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is also now taking over the insurance industry, making the job of insurance underwriters much easier.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Cognitive RPA leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to make repeatable tasks—like data entry—obsolete for humans. Not surprisingly, claims adjusters and underwriters are extremely excited about the potential of ROBIN.

Benefits of Using RPA in Insurance Underwriting

RPA provides multiple potential benefits including:
Reading through and inputing Police Reports, DMV Reports, Credit History, and Medical Records—Underwriters rely on this data to generate quotes and to run their business over all. By handing this task off to robotic software, adjusters and underwriters have far more time to manage their business.

Reduced Risk of Errors—Human beings make errors. Robots do not. Using this software eliminates costly errors from the equation.

Improved Efficiency—Every executive wants to increase the productivity and efficiency of their team. Integrating RPA can increase efficiency of processing new policy applications by as much as 25%.

24/7 Underwriting—Robotics don’t need rest, food, and time off like humans do, which means they can process applications 24/7. This increases efficiency further still.

RPA is changing the way insurance works in a great way. From straight-through processing to reduced downtime, robotic software can improve your business.

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