AI and RPA in Fast Food

Artificial intelligence is the new hot technology going around businesses as it has become one of the most versatile pieces of software to date. This versatility has allowed the quick service restaurant industry to take control of its capabilities through artificial intelligence quality tracking.

Problem with tracking quality
Take for example a fast food burger restaurant. In order for management to track the quality of their food they must rely on secret shoppers that travel from store to store. This method is extremely ineffective and inefficient as each fast food restaurant is only able to analyze one meal which doesn't give a great representation of the whole quality of food that is produced from that location. Not only does it not give a good representation of the quality of food but the company must pay these secret shoppers to go store to store.

How can AI fix this?
Artificial intelligence has the ability to track the quality of every burger produced in the example that is displayed above. It does this using cameras that are placed within the kitchen of these restaurants. Artificial intelligence is able to use these cameras to analyze the burger that is being created and give it a quality score based on certain specifications that the company wants their meals to meet. This not only allows the burger restaurant to track the quality of each burger that is created but also gives immediate feedback on the quality.

Why implement AI in fast food restaurants
MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. As stated above secret shoppers can cost a small fortune compared to the cost of implementing artificial intelligence into a quick service restaurant. That is the most immediate effect that reduces costs for a QSR business model. Increased quality is followed by increased sales and with the ability to track the quality of each meal made managers are able to crack down on locations that are underperforming. So the question now isn’t how can artificial intelligence can be implemented into fast food restaurants but why haven’t all fast food restaurants implemented this ground breaking technology.

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