ECM Center of Excellence

Building an ECM Center of Excellence

Teaming with Customers

For more than two decades, Dayhuff has successfully implement Centers of Excellence worldwide. By capturing the lessons learned from these implementations, we have developed a framework of success criteria based on proven methodologies to help organizations build COE teams tailored to their specific requirements. We can help to build a Center of Excellence within an enterprise that will expand the adoption of technologies by generating business value and ROI through successful implementations.

The COEs’ organizational framework outlines three primary objectives of a successful COE. The first objective is to ensure the end solution meets the customer’s needs. This is achieved by applying the right resources, methodologies and technology to solve the use case. Secondly, the Center of Excellence seeks to have ECM leveraged properly across the enterprise. Solutions built for one department should also have broad-reaching abilities for other areas of the business. By providing ECM governance and best practices, the Center of Excellence develops alignment within the lines of business to ensure assets are reusable, allowing solutions to be delivered in a cost effective and timely manner. And finally, the Center of Excellence endeavors to remain flexible to the needs of the ever-changing business world by introducing new products and services that incorporate the right solution.

Success Criteria

  • Define processes and procedures
  • Establish skills matrix
  • Institute ECM services

Download The COE Presentation.