Watson Cognitive Services

IBM Watson solution design and implementation services

Experts in designing and implementing Watson Technology

IBM Watson technology is breaking the mold in many industries and causing disruption. Dayhuff can leverage our expertise in not only Watson technologies including IBM Watson Explorer, IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Watson API, but our experience in structure and unstructured data. We have helped companies from a variety of industries identify how IBM Watson can help solve business problems and create new ways of working. This includes helping define how Watson is used, how it is architected and how it is sized.

Dayhuff has helped fortune 100 companies design and implement IBM Watson Explorer, IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Watson API. Our technical expertise in the Watson is unmatched in the partner community.

Leveraging cognitive to evangelize corporate information

IBM Watson Explorer is a technology platform that accesses and analyzes all kinds of corporate data, from digital files to databases. Explorer presents data, analytics and cognitive insights in a single view. IBM Watson Explorer gives you the information you’re looking for while uncovering trends, patterns and relationships.

Dayhuff is helping companies move from enterprise search to cognitive exploration. We understand how search has evolved beyond simple keywords to providing relevant contextual information and valuable knowledge that can be embedded in applications. In order to remain competitive, organizations need the next-generation of search. Whether it resides on premises or in the cloud, leaders need to put important information at users’ fingertips while providing the related analytical insights and context that makes it meaningful. More information on Watson Explorer

IBM Watson Kickstart Offering

Companies from all industries are finding new insights from their existing data with IBM Watson. From customer sentiment analysis to product defect root cause, Watson is providing answers that were previously unattainable. Getting started on the cognitive journey with Watson requires experience.

The Dayhuff Group has developed a kick start offering to provide that initial level of experience to get the team started quickly. The Dayhuff Group consultants will work alongside the project team to provide guidance and education through the initial phase of the project.

This 5 day immersive package includes:

  • Strategy sessions to identify core business opportunities.
  • Validate data requirements
  • Examine the planned indexing and search uses.
  • Review the text analytics collection design.
  • Examine the planned content analytics mining.
  • Review and make recommendations on the security options.
  • Explore the use of 360 degree views.

Download The WEX KickStart.