Watson Explorer

Cognitive computing meets enterprise information

Leveraging cognitive to evangelize corporate information

IBM Watson Explorer is a technology platform that accesses and analyzes all kinds of corporate data, from digital files to databases. Explorer presents data, analytics and cognitive insights in a single view. IBM Watson Explorer gives you the information you’re looking for while uncovering trends, patterns and relationships.

Dayhuff is helping companies move from enterprise search to cognitive exploration. We understand how search has evolved beyond simple keywords to providing relevant contextual information and valuable knowledge that can be embedded in applications. In order to remain competitive, organizations need the next-generation of search. Whether it resides on premises or in the cloud, leaders need to put important information at users’ fingertips while providing the related analytical insights and context that makes it meaningful.

Three reasons organizations need IBM Watson

  • How IBM Watson Explorer helps build unified applications with advanced search capabilities
  • IBM Watson Analytics options that allow organizations to gain insights from unstructured content
  • How you can use IBM Watson Explorer and the Watson Developer Cloud to create scalable unified information applications that share data and insights

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