IBM Watson Value Assessment

What can Watson do for you?

IBM Watson value assessment strategy sessions

The Watson value assessment is a client advisory role designed to help clients identify use cases for adoption of IBM Watson technologies within the enterprise. The assessment translates the business vision and value into a comprehensive technology solution and roadmap for the business. The assessment leverages the broad portfolio of Watson technologies as well as architectural principles to define the clients' cognitive strategies.

The cognitive journey map shows each customer the progression of tasks and milestones from initial implementation to future growth plans. It summarizes the key facades of customer end users, describes how their Watson experience will evolve over time, clarifies the value to the customer’s business, and lays out next steps in the cognitive transformation.

The assessment includes

  • Defining IBM Watson specific use cases
  • Define the proposed end to end technical solution
  • Develop the client Roadmap
  • Define the scope of Pilot/PoC/Implementation
  • Conduct the preliminary content assessment

Download the assessment outline.