Business Intelligence and Analytics provides a competitive advantage for insurers

Factors Driving Business Intelligence in Insurance

Business intelligence and analytics provides competitive advantage to insurers and has already been employed by industry leaders around the world to cement and grow their position in the marketplace today and into the future. Overall however, the BI maturity of the insurance industry is in it's infancy so there is substantial opportunity for insurers.

Insurance companies can now use business intelligence software to expand their customer bases, reduce operational time and costs, and allocate their resources more efficiently. Dayhuff has a long track record in equipping insurance companies with the BI solutions to leverage their information and make the best use of the data to improve business outcomes. Dayhuff reduces risks, capitalizes on results and amplifies Business Intelligence programs. Our approach to BI is a critical component for advancing growth, leveraging opportunity and reducing risk for any insurance company. Our proven record demonstrates that aligning a BI strategy with an organizations goals accelerates time to value.

Sales, Marketing & Channel Management

As distribution channels surge and diversify within the insurance industry, carriers must know which of these channels are most cost effective. Business intelligence software allows insurance companies to evaluate information from the many sources and isolate which agents bring in the most customers, which channels are most appealing, and which yield the most profit.

  • Buying Preferences.
  • Opportunity Source.
  • Premium Dollars to Product Line.
  • Customer Market Segmentation.
  • Premium Dollars by Geography

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