Planning analytics for QSR

Beyond simply automating your planning

Fast, flexible and complete QSR planning solution

Top QSR franchisers are leveraging the power of data to gain a competitive edge in the market. They are able to employ their POS data and simulate operations at the franchises. These top QSR franchisers drive 5% more profit than their similar competitors, how do they do it? By utilizing planning analytics and operational simulation to optimize P&L.

Download the IBM White paper on - Seven capabilities in Performance Management.

Companies need to utilize both internal and external data sources and construct forward-looking scenarios with all the foresight that human and machine can deliver in order to assess the risks and rewards of alternative strategies and actions. Dayhuff Group has helped QSR franchisers to implement planning solutions that impact operational efficiencies.

One performance management solution

Leading organizations are investing in capabilities to expand their business .

  • Access to internal and external data through automated data integration
  • Business-led design for planning, analysis and score carding
  • Solutions catalog of IBM Performance Blueprints to accelerate adoption and ROI
  • Predictive analytics powered by IBM Watson Analytics
  • Integral use of the Microsoft Excel interface to speed adoption and leverage existing skills
  • Production reporting with reliable business intelligence applications
  • A cloud-born planning and analytics workspace

Spreadsheets for planning? A popular tool needs help.

Learn about the hazards of spreadsheet-based planning and how IBM solutions help you minimize the risks—while maximizing the value of your investment in Microsoft Excel.

Download the IBM White paper on "Mitigating the hazards while maximizing the value of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets"