Financial Services

Dayhuff delivers document capture, digital document management, workflow and process analytics to financial services marketing, account management, loan approval, customer care and compliance. Our financial services solutions increase customer satisfaction, reduce the time to onboard a new customer and ensure compliance enterprise wide.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with KYC Loan Approval

Dayhuff's KYC for loan approval delivers a new level of service to customers. KYC reduces the time to approval by simplifying the process and bringing visibility to all of the critical information. Lending institutions have seen a 30% increase in the volume of applications that can be processed. KYC has better management for policy exceptions and real-time workload balancing

Banking and Financial Services Solutions

  • Loan processing.
  • Customer statements.
  • Check processing.
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable.
  • Marketing material management.
  • Records compliance.