Dayhuff delivers document capture, digital document management, workflow and process analytics to insurance Claims and Underwriting. Our solutions reduce the time to add new products, increase internal controls, reduce time to process and enhance the visibility of the workload.

Efficient underwriting

The highly competitive insurance market requires agile business processes. Insurance companies need to be able to implement new products quickly to stay ahead of the market. They also need to be efficient in processing new business or renewals. Dayhuff's underwriting framework solutions built on IBM Case Manager allow for the agility needed to stay competitive.

Dayhuff Group has templates designed for Commercial lines, Personal Lines and Life insurance. These can be implemented as is or integrated with your third party systems to even further optimize the underwriting process. A dynamic dashboard gives visibility into the process and allows the system to be adjusted for maximum productivity.

Capabilities built in

The Dayhuff framework comes with a host of enhancements built into the IBM Case Manager product. Here is just a short list of capabilities:

  • Dynamic load management.
  • No-code workflow design.
  • Dashboard analytics.
  • IBM Watson intelligence built in.
  • Customizable user experience.