Manufacturing has unique needs in digital management, from accounts payable/receivable to securing corporate intellectual property. Dayhuff Group has delivered real hard dollar savings in back office operations and saved organizations millions on safe guarding new product development. With the amount of regulatory oversight increasing, Dayhuff solutions have reduced the burden on the amount of effort needed for compliance.

Securing your Intellectual Property

The rate of corporate espionage has increased dramatically over the last 5 years, with a estimation of 75% of all corporate firewalls being picked. With a high percentage of a manufactures proprietary information is held in digital documents stored on corporate servers, an additional level of security is needed to ensure your critical competitive data stays safe.

Dayhuff has solutions that will ensure your digital documents stay safe. Our solutions have been implemented in organizations with the highest levels of security in the word. Let us show you how you can ensure your information stays private.

Safe Operations

Keeping the latest safety and operations manual up to date and in a location accessible to all can be a time consuming task. Dayhuff has helped manufactures for over 20 years to automate this process and ensure compliance:

  • Automated distribution.
  • Proof employee has read.
  • Version control.
  • Accessible by portable devices.
  • Material generation management.