AI in Insurance

Integrate artificial intelligence systems along with robotic process automation (RPA) into insurance underwriting and claim management processes.

Improved Insurance Reserve Management

Leverage the capabilities of Reserve AI through insurance reserve management. Reserve AI has the ability to look across the entire hisotry of cliams to make an accurate determination of a reserve.

Watson can identify redundantclaim reserves that caninflate a lossratio, and Watson can identify deficientclaims reserves that candeflate a lossratio, leaving the lossratiounderstated.

Cost Effective Underwriting with ROBIN - Robotic Insurance

AI automation is poised to revolutionize the core of the insurance business. It will change extensively how insurers perform underwriting, reducing the risk, time and cost of underwriting.

Insurance underwriting, which relies on customer data and analytical proficiency, has been pivotal to the insurance industry. Cognitive automation, a combination of AI processing and robotic process automation (RPA), will assist insurance underwriters in evaluating their exposure to risk. Cognitive enabled underwriters will be faster and more accurate than traditional underwriting.

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Efficient Underwriting with IBM Case Manager

The highly competitive insurance market requires agile business processes. Insurance companies need to be able to implement new products quickly to stay ahead of the market. They also need to be efficient in processing new business or renewals. Dayhuff's underwriting framework solutions built on IBM Case Manager allow for the agility needed to stay competitive.

Dayhuff Group has templates designed for Commercial lines, Personal Lines and Life insurance. These can be implemented as is or integrated with your third party systems to even further optimize the underwriting process. IBM Watson technologies are embedded in the solution to make the underwriting process smarter and faster.