AI in Pharmaceutical

Make your pharmaceutical adverse events investigations, speciality drug ID, and clinical trial evaluations more efficient with the help of Watson AI

Accelerate Adverse Event Investigations with AI

Time is of the essence when dealing with an adverse reaction to a drug. Consumers’ health is top of mind for all pharmaceuticals. Finding the route cause for an adverse reaction is a complex endeavor. The issues can be in the ingredients, the interaction with other drugs, the manufacturing process or a number of other areas. Traditionally it has been a time consuming task to sift through the mountains of data to identify the issue.

With Dayhuff's WatsonARIESD built on IBM Watson Explorer and Dayhuff Annotators it takes minutes. WatsonARIESD takes the information contained in the adverse reaction events and searches the manufacturing data, the quality control reports, product impact assessment, the clinical trials, the ingredients and any number of other sources to identify the cause quickly. This reduces the time to investigate to minutes from weeks ensuring customer safety and FDA compliance. This allows pharmaceuticals to quickly react to new incidents and eliminate any potential issues before they become widespread. Common issues that may have gone unidentified because of reporting inconsistencies can now be investigated quickly with IBM Watson artificial intelligence.

Efficient Pharmaceutical Label Modification

As a result of an adverse event investigation, the product label may need to be changed. A symptom or reaction may need to be addressed on the labeling to ensure compliance with FDA standards. This starts a new set of processes and procedures that need to be followed to ensure all documentation surrounding and submitted to the FDA is addressed and resubmitted. The product label needs to be modified and any other products that this drug may be a part of also need to be considered. Finding where all of of these necessary changes need to be made and completing the revisions can take as long as the original investigation; another time consuming and costly task. Watson Explorer AI can drastically reduce the time to identify all of the sources needed in a label change incident quickly. This not only saves time, but also provides compliance with FDA regulations.

Improved R&D Efficiency

Executives wanted to transform information and data sharing capabilities by providing access to huge volumes of customer, patient, and research data stored in systems around the world. Improved R&D efficiency by 90 percent and reduced search time by 50 percent, saving millions of dollars in the first year alone Reduced new staffing requirements by 1.2%, saving $13.4 million yearly Improved sales productivity to increase revenue by 1.4%.

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