AI in Quick Service Resteraunts

Tracking quality with IBM Watson and Dayhuff Quality Analyzer

QSR Quality Analyzer

Tracking the quality of product for QSR's is time consuming and expensive with secret shoppers and employees traveling around stores. It also can only give you a snapshot of the quality at that moment in time. Dayhuff Group is using IBM Watson and Dayhuff Quality Analyzer to measure the quality of the products as they are being produced and grading them according to company standards. This QSR Quality Analyzing gives real-time feedback as to the quality of product that is being produced.

Profitable QSR Resource Planning

Resource planning in quick service resteraunts has a large impact on profitability. Knowing the number of people to staff and amount of food to stock for the expected amount of customers is a complex operation and using spreadsheets or filling out charts lends little additional information to the planning process. Watson AI is able to draw on multiple sources to help in the planning. Watson can review the bookings, weather, local events and seasonal anomalies to give the best picture for planning.

Be Proactive with QSR Resource Planning

Traditional the QSR industries' back office technology provides rudimentary reporting on POS data and resource planning. Today, operations need to include external information sources to stay ahead of the competition. Weather data adds an element of planning that can reduce costs in resources, increase sales of targeted products during specific events, ensure delivery of supplies and add color to historical reporting. Combining marketing activity data with POS and supply data can help to identify cross sell opportunities and shed light on potential new marketing activities with greater margin. Customer sentiment information can identify regional trends and allow for identification of new promotions.

  • Leverage detailed POS data to identify multi-year trends
  • Weather forecasts with historical sales data to disruption in supply channels
  • QSR Planning Analytics for P&L simulation and calculation

Download the fact sheet on how Watson is being leveraged to track QSR quality.