Creating new level of customer service with IBM Watson

Smart customer service

The best service caters directly to a specific customer’s needs, but how does an organization that may only see a customer twice a year know their preferences? Watson. The information on a customer is buried in POS data, customer service logs, restraint orders, Spa databases, etc. Watson can gather all of this information and make intelligent recommendations on how to improve a customers visit.

Knowing the market

Trip packages drive a 30% higher spend rate per customer stay. Identifying the offerings to package together and the price to charge is a complex time consuming process. Watson is ideally suited to facilitate this task. Watson can review all of the competitive offers in the vicinity and analyze the profit margins for different packages to identify the best offerings over a time period. The result is a smarter planning process enabled by Watson.

Seamless planning

Resource planning in the hospitality industry has the largest impact on profitability. Knowing the number of people to have staffed for the number of customer and the amount of food to stock is a complex operation. Using spreadsheets or filling out a chart lends little additional value to the planning process. Watson draws on multiple sources to help in the planning. Watson can review the bookings, weather, local events and seasonal anomalies to give the best picture for planning.

  • Seasonal POS data to identify multi-year trends
  • Weather forecasts with historical sales data to identify correlations
  • Business lead design for planning, analysis and score carding
  • Local event announcements to find potential up sell opportunities
  • Integral use of the Microsoft Excel interface to speed adoption and leverage existing skills

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