Adverse events, speciality drug and clinical trials are a few ways from IBM Watson advances Pharma

Adverse Reactions - WatsonARIESD

Time is of the essence when dealing with an adverse reaction to a drug. Consumers’ health is top of mind for all pharmaceuticals. Finding the route cause for an adverse reaction is a complex endeavor. The issues can be in the ingredients, the interaction with other drugs, the manufacturing process or a number of other areas. Traditionally it has been a time consuming task to sift through the mountains of data to identify the issue.

With Dayhuff's WatsonARIESD built on IBM Watson Explorer and Dayhuff Annotators it takes minutes. WatsonARIESD takes the information contained in the adverse reaction events and searches the manufacturing data, the quality control reports, product impact assessment, the clinical trials, the ingredients and any number of other sources to identify the cause quickly. This reduces the time to investigate to minutes from weeks ensuring customer safety and FDA compliance. This allows pharmaceuticals to quickly react to new incidents and eliminate any potential issues before they become widespread. Common issues that may have gone unidentified because of reporting inconsistencies can now be investigated.

Speciality Drugs

Speciality Drug care is on the rise. 70% of all drug approvals in 2013 were categorized specialty. The use of these drugs comes with some level of management from the patient, care giver and pharmaceutical. The success of the drug hinges on ensuring it is administered properly. Constant communication with the patient or care giver is critical. Watson's can leverage multiple channels to communicate and gather information on each patients usage and provide immediate feedback to remedy common issues before they become problems.

Reduce perishable compounds

Studies have found that 35% of all drugs consumed are expired. The shelf life of a drug is something a customer does not notice until it is too late. Identifying customer buying trends and notifying the customer before a needed drug becomes unusable can save lives. Watson can leverage existing data to facilitate pharmaceutical companies in an effort to reduce waste.

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